Ms. Bailey

Raeven Bailey took interest in graphic and web design in high school while she was learning about coding and designing sites straight from a notepad software and transferring them to actual websites. After Raeven graduated from high school she decided to further her education and career at Savannah State University while still focused on designing websites. She majored in Business Marketing to pursue her career as an Entrepreneur Educator and Advocate for the youth with her business called Muse Fashion House. During her college years, she was able to network with like minded people like herself, traveled on business trips with her colleagues, created an organization for the youth in the Savannah area, and become part of a life long sisterhood with Iota Phi Lambda Business Sorority.   

As a business owner, Raeven is always looking for ways to set herself apart from her competitors. Following in the foot steps of Lecester (Bill) Allen, Founder of AEI, Raeven created a business oriented organization that targets the younger millennial age group. Muse Fashion House is a youth entrepreneurial program that offers Personal Developments courses and Entrepreneur start-up courses which include ( Etiquette workshop, Resume workshop, Professional Dress workshop, Web Design course, and Photography workshop).