Our most popular package! This package is perfect for businesses who haven't formally established themselves and need help taking preventative measures, like protecting founders from incurring personal liability, formalizing relationships amongst founders, and hiring employees. This package offers significant savings.


  • Business registration filings (local, state, and federal);

  • Federal and State Tax Registrations;

  • Founders Agreement (Bylaws or Operating Agreement)

  • One custom contract

If your business routinely enters into agreements with customers, clients, or other businesses, or your company has employees and/or independent contractors, then the General Counsel Package is right for you. With this package, one of our attorneys will become a valuable member of your team. They will address any legal needs you have and help ensure that you have preventative policies in place to prevent the risk of future lawsuits.


  • Custom contracts

  • business registration filings

  • counseling

  • protection strategie

we are there for you when you need us.


build your own package is for business owners who has set items thats needed for their project.

pick 4 (additional pick cause price to vary)


  • Business registration filings (local, state, and federal);

  • custom invoice

  • terms and condition agreement form

  • privacy policy form

  • draft employment handbook

  • employment agreement

  • NDA contract

  • tradmark logo

  • fincial assistance (book keeping)